AREC investigations.

The information in this series has been provided by the investigator, Shyla Consuelo.

Common Complaints/Violations in the Industry

#5      Failure to Cooperate with the Commission

We are required to assist in any investigation being conducted by AREC looking into any complaints or problems regarding our practice.

AS 08.88.351. Accounts; records of transactions.

  1. A real estate broker shall

(5) make available to the commission, on request, account records and all other documents that the commission may require in order to conduct an investigation or to audit an account required under this section.

12 AAC 64.175. Investigation of complaints or violations. (a) Licensees shall cooperate with the department and the commission during the investigation of complaints or alleged violations of licensing statutes or regulations. When a licensee is requested to respond to a complaint, the licensee shall do so within the time period specified; however, the specified response period must allow at least 10 days from the date of the receipt of the request.

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