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This package is great for getting your name out there and growing your business through effective marketing that works placing you on top above your competition. This is a sure way to help customers see you and not your competitors

Targeted Banner Ads: 5 categories in multiple placements

Summer Special

Only $30/month!

Big Savings: Only $300 for the whole year!


Increase Search Engine Rankings

Getting authentic Internet citations from reliable and authoritative websites improves your placement to get on the front page of search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and others. They visit us millions of times a month to confirm your data against ours. It has to be accurate or search engines drop you.

Save Digital Marketing Costs

Your DLP - Detailed Landing Page On EarthYP cuts your digital marketing costs and adds a sensational mini marketing website you can use as a revolutionary tool to market your business. It serves as an easy foundation for your business’s digital presence. You can spotlight special offers and introduce new products and services you want to grow. Sending pay per click advertising to your Detailed Landing Page cuts your cost per click because your DLP is highly optimized for the search engines.


Increase Profits

It’s critical for businesses today to make sure their digital presence is strong because so much of traditional marketing is not working. The truth about digital marketing is that if you do it right you get tremendous results. Do it wrong, you waste a lot of money. Directories deliver outstanding results. The foundation of all digital marketing is accurate listings in local directories and EarthYP is the largest local directory network on Earth.

Additional Bonuses Valued at $900 are included:

(All bonuses are transferable and can be used for your clients, friends or promotions.)

Asset Protection Consultation FREE Save $450
Digital marketing Consultation FREE Save $450
Total Bonuses Value $900
Total Package Value $1,260

Hurry! This savings is only available to first 2 businesses per Category.

What people Think About Us

"This marketing paid for itself time after time!"

Janet Rodriguez

"These guys are awesome! They get back to you fast and are not difficult to reach over the phone."

Stacy Miller

"Been marketing with EarthYP for years now and will continue to market with them. Very inexpensive to other marketing alternatives out there."

John Schnieder



One way the search engines determine whether you deserve being on their front page is based upon local references or citations about your business on other local websites. Utilizing our revolutionary breakthrough platform of 1,600 United States business directories, you can target key profit areas.

The search engines see you as a local expert because of our focus on local business directories. We help get you to the top where the money gets made.

Benefit: You make more money

Feature: You rank higher in the search engines

​You can target your profit areas


The EarthYP platform with our 10,000 category structure is designed to place your business higher in Google and other search engines under multiple search terms where you’ve decided to grow your business. EarthYP helps your company be seen as an expert in the eyes of the search engines. Spotlighting you in specific targeted product and service categories that correspond to search terms important to your business.

Your multiple areas of expertise in our categories, with specific geo-location cross referencing through the EarthYP platform, strengthens your foundation the search engines can rely on, and as a result, they reward you with higher placements and more profits for you. If you haven’t already done it. Sign up today.



Our platform structures listings by area of expertise and location to maximize the benefit to you and your search engine rankings. One category or area of expertise for your company being listed in one of the EarthYP directories equals one placement or citation in search engine speak. For you this represents expertise in that particular local location in the eyes of the search engines. If you are placed in Three areas of expertise, in one directory, that represents three listings or placement. If your business is listed in five categories of expertise, in three different directories that represents 15 listing placements or citations.

We have a number of different packages available where you can choose the placements or citations that make sense for you. We also have different levels of placement, including targeted banner ads. If you’re looking to grow your business significantly, enhanced listings to stand out in the alphabetical section, and alphabetical listings. Our consultants are trained to work with you if you need additional clarity in the areas that make the most sense for you. So, go ahead and move forward. So we can begin to increase your rankings and your profits. But you want to do it right now because some of the best placements are very limited and you don’t want to lose your opportunity to grow your business.

Detail Landing Page

Your complete Detailed Landing Page delivers a number of tools designed to make you more money, including a long description solution that can be used in customized your business, focus on profit areas important to your customers, while increasing your bottom line. Also, your map box, helps new customers find you without long repeated directions that waste your time, logo and customized background with text color options, reinforce your branding, so customers recognize you, along with a motto or tagline to remind customers what matters, enhanced hours of operation, help customers know when you’re open, even on the weekends to give you money, Large image uploads, connect customers with pictures who then buy more from you. Video postings easily communicate with clients and grow your profits. All business contact information, including your toll-free number and ability to email you, so customers easily do business with you. All designed to make you more money, and at the special pricing, you don't want to miss the opportunity.


Targeted Banner Ads

People rarely go to the second or third page of Google anymore. They select one companies on the top of the page. Same goes for us, placing your business in one of our limited Targeted Banner Ads is where you want to put your business. If you want to make more money and expand your opportunities for profit, it’s important you spotlight your business at the top of the category pages that are critical to you about, not buried down in the alphabetical listings. But hurry targeted banner ads are very limited, so if you want to guarantee the security to stay on top of your competitors. take advantage of the special bargain pricing of targeted banner ads, but hurry, it’s a special limited time offer.

Feature: Your business at top of Category 50% visitors click

Benefit: You get more traffic and grow your profit.

Fact: Everyone knows being on top above your competition is the best way to get more online traffic to better grow your business


Helping over 10,000 businesses over the last 30 years has required we develop a talented support team committed to your success. We invest in training in both technical and human skills because we understand that sometimes trying to get something right can be frustrating.

You can see by our testimonials that people that work with our customer support team are impressed because we understand the needs of our customers and to use the skills that we’ve developed over the years to deliver a result that makes our customers lives better and helps solve challenges they have with their business.

We provide support to our clients over the phone, online, through GoToMeeting conferences, and webinars. We look forward to supporting your business and your success .


Jerry Royse President

About Us


"In 1965, 80 percent of 18- to 49-year-olds in the U.S. could be reached with three 60-second TV spots. In 2013, it required 210 prime-time commercials to produce the same result, by 2017 it will take 300 advertisements and billions of dollars will be wasted" Jim Stengel, P&G Global Marketing Officer, 2014

Solution (EarthYP) was created to provide a synergistic solution combining multiple elements into an integrated platform. 2,500 business directories broken down into 12,000 target market groups, and over 50,000 specialized geographic targeted information centers, providing a platform where all marketing and business activities are based on performance, that is easy and convenient.


Digital ad spending worldwide hit $160.5 Billion in 2017. Ecommerce sales topped $1.6 Trillion in 2015 and continue to grow at 18% per year. The fourteen million active US businesses in our data record set need help and they know it, as do the millions of businesses in first world and emerging economies represented in our 425 international directory platform. All business owners have pain points in creating effective marketing solutions and we know how to fix or avoid the pain. Our company provides and guarantees business owners a Return On Investment based on performance that can redefine business.

Business Strategy

EarthYP has proven the tools and resources with over 15 years of operational history, our support team knows how to support customer needs and respond quickly to challenges you face. We have synergistic and strategic relationships with major Internet Traffic, Development, Outsourcing, Crypto Currency and Funding Companies to support your business.


EarthYP has been successfully helping business for over 30 years! providing great marketing services to 1000's of clients. We are the largest online local directory service that breaks down the services you provide into geo-locations and keywords to best help you attract more traffic and increase your overall search engine placement.

Clients receive 1 monthly revision to their advertisement each month. Revisions are request via email and will be made within 2 business days. Link will be provided with the update and approval. Any additional revisions in 1 month will result in a fee of $29.

It takes our member services team 24-48 hours to set up all of the business placements you have selected.. After investing in a package you will receive an email that provides you with an easy process to collect your information to expedite our ability to launch your marketing placements. The sooner you return the form; the sooner our team puts the content together and publishes it. You will receive a link within 24-48 hours to your live listing.

30 day notice is required to cancel your convenient monthly renewal subscription. Any amounts paid prior to your cancellation will not be refunded. Following cancellation, your Premium Membership will expire thirty (30) days from your last payment your account will revert to Basic Membership.

After purchasing a package, an EarthYP consultant will contact you within 24hrs to pick your placements with you over the phone to ensure you’re picking the right categories and directories for your business. We will also be sending you some information to help you choose the right placements that will do the most to increase your profits and grow your business. You can always speed up the process by scheduling an appointment from our home page at using our convenient appointment scheduling tool.

When canceling your subscription your listing reverts back to a basic listing which shows your business name, address, and phone number. Your basic listing then shows up in 2 categories in your local area for free.

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