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Largest and Best Online Alaskan Legal Directory is Alaska Premier online directory. We receive thousands of visitors each month looking for legal services inside Alaska’s most comprehensive online legal database.

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Did you know that legal keywords are some of the most expensive cost per click keywords existing today? That’s right. CPC that ranges anywhere from over $50/click up to $300/click. With receiving over 10,000 visitors last month to its legal category, it’s a no brainier to invest into top space targeted banner ad for $99/mo. before your competition does.

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Clients receive a large landing page with details explaining to users any business information you like to move the customer to call or contact you through your website! For more landing page information click here:

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I have been an client for several years. I was shocked that the second week after signing up for I received 2 commercial clients. My investment in your company's service will pay for itself 20 times over in 2 weeks.

Successfully increase your client base

I have been an client for several years. It is a small investment that certainly brings clients through my doors and that's what it's all about.

Successfully increase your client base

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