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$ 497 / month
Included A La Cart Pricing
Logo $2/mo
Large Picture $2/mo
Hours of Operation $2/mo
Website Link $2/mo
Map $2/mo
Extended Hours $5/mo
Background&Text Color Options $5/mo
Toll Free Number $2/mo
Digital Marketing Webinar Series $29/mo
Digital Marketing Newsletter $29/mo
Monthly Update $29/mo
Short Description $5/mo
Long Decscription $19/mo
Email Activation $5/mo
Included A La Cart Pricing
Social Media Dashboard $20/mo
Email Campaign $149/mo
Word of Mouth Program $149/mo
Animated GIF $15/mo
Multiple Locations $29/mo
Private Facebook Group $29/mo
Video Hosting DLP $29/mo
Video Creation DLP $149
Video Promotion Program $79
Search Engine Optimization $79
Keyword Research $49
Custom Meta Keywords $49
Custom Meta Keywords $19
Custom Meta Description $19
Included A La Cart Pricing
Social Media Program $49/mo
Direct Mail Program $179/mo
Review Program $129/mo
Custom DLP $175/mo
Video Production Upgrade $159/mo
Email Campaign $159/mo
Maui Conference VIP Registration $165/mo
Email Dominator $169/mo
Video Dominator $169/mo
DLP Premier $350/mo

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What is a Detailed Landing Page (DLP) and how will it help me?


Logos build brand awareness and help increase your sales and profits. Your customers like dealing with consistent expectations and when they see your logo they feel like they know you. Customers don’t like surprises. Growing your brand awareness includes your background and text colors, motto and your logo all easily included in the EarthYP platform. So sign up today to grow your brand, just complete filling out the page today so we can help you grow your business.

Large Picture

Online colorful pictures have a powerful impact. The EarthYP picture feature allows you amazing flexibility in your ability to change images or combine multiple benefits into a strong sampler image. You achieve superior results when your customers connect with you visually and our picture feature helps you make that connection.

Just sign up on the form today to add this important benefit. To help you make more profit. Now.

Large Picture or Animated GIF

It’s here right now. Breakthrough animated GIFs to delight your customers with enormous results revealing your innovative and fun business advantage.  Popular gifs show your business leadership, and create online opportunities for customers to reach out to engage you, a market leader. In business, this outstanding strategy makes customers want to work with you in a fascinating way, while you build profits.. Because the GIFs we develop can be used in other marketing areas as well, you get additional use to show your competitive edge.

Let’s get started today to show your market leadership.

Hours of Operation

The EarthYP platform includes your business hours of operation, so customers can find you whenever you are open.

It also increases your search engine rankings because Google likes to see business listings that include hours of operation. Your customers find you whenever you’re open whether they’re on their smart phone or any other device.

Extended Hours

Because so many of your customers are accessing our site on their mobile devices, knowing that your business is open during the weekends, or after 5 PM, or on holidays, can make a big difference in your bottom line. We also allow you to update your hours of operation on a particular day or a longer period of time.

We can get you this useful feature immediately. Just provide your business information today, and we will deliver your competitive benefit. Fast.

Website Link

Your website link on your detailed landing page can connect customers to your website. The link also provides a page ranking tool to enhance your placement in the search engines. You have the flexibility of sending visitors to a particular page or section of your website where you could be highlighting one of your products or services where your profits are very attractive, so you are focusing on this area to grow your bottom line. This helps you work on your business instead of in your business.

Sign up, and we can help you today.

Background and Text Color Options

The EarthYP platform helps your consumers buy products and services from you because they recognize you. That’s why branding and consistency is so important, and why it helps your business to use consistent colors and images across all of your marketing channels. That way the consumer sees repeated and consistent messages, building brand familiarity which leads to increase your sales and profits.

It’s very easy to maintain that consistency on the EarthYP platform.

Toll Free Phone Number

Toll-free numbers are still used by many businesses. Because during the day, when much of business happens, people are still using land lines to make long distance calls.

When a business can make a toll-free call to another company, they are more likely to do business with that company. While technology and cell phones have changed the nature of some forms of communication, land lines with toll-free numbers still bring more business to business owners from out of area customers.


Email is one of the strongest digital marketing tools available. Making it easy for your customers to send you email from the EarthYP platform increases your profit while improving customer relationships using technology. Don’t lose business from people that want to email you. Grow your business and profits more quickly now with email and useful automated responses. Save your money and increase your bottom line.  You deserve results and a solution to take you there.

It’s easy to get started. Just sign up now.


Mottos and taglines have lots of uses. They serve as mission statements guiding the company to smarter decisions. Customers feel they know and trust the business better, so they buy more. Updating this area during the year focuses customer attention to buy profitable products and service areas you want to grow and gives you great profit flexibility.

Short Description

Short descriptions show up on the category page and helps customers choose you quickly. You can focus on specific products you’re looking to promote or any other areas of your business that you would like to draw attention to. Focus on your high profit areas when customers have a need for your products or services.

Long Detail Description

You can save time and money by working with customers who are well informed about your products and services. The long detail description feature of your detailed landing page allows you to highlight and point out particular products and services of interest to your clients while providing you strong profits.

The EarthYP platform also allows you the flexibility to be able to focus on different products during different seasons. You can use this as a practical tool to keep your customers informed of new products and services that you would like to offer them. You have the ability to format this area to make it visually strong or we can do that for you.

You can also use this section to discuss things of interest to you or charities that you support. Being able to personalize your detailed landing page, guarantees that you get the greatest impact in developing a successful client relationship.

Let’s get started today so that we can begin to help you deliver better service and stronger bottom lines for your business right now.

Meta Keywords

Meta-keywords are a very technical term. Web marketing experts understand this information improves your placement in the search engines.

By putting words that relate to the type of business that you do in the code, your search engine ranking improves.

EarthYP is designed to build your business page strength in the eyes of the search engines. They reward you by raising your placement.


Millions of videos are watched every single day online. For many consumers it is the preferred method of getting information about a business.

Posting videos on your detailed landing page is easy and you can change the video frequently. Use a business overview video explaining the unique things that you do and leave it up for easy maintenance.

Videos also improve your search engine ranking because Google likes to see videos on pages. There are a number of options you can take advantage of and we can get start increasing your profit while delighting your customers.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is critical for breakthrough online success. It makes a gigantic difference and shrewd business owners know that creating wonderful success in the search engines requires spotlighting those keyword terms and phrases that will generate a sizable return on their money spent.

The truth about pushing your business’ digital presence is to focus on the keywords representing the profitable growth areas of your business. It takes skilled people with sophisticated tools to be able to deliver sensational results for your business. Our experts have a proven track record. Using the latest skills and winning strategies we can assure a quality analysis to give you the most attractive results possible.

Multiple Locations

For a business that has expanded to multiple locations, it’s extremely important to let customers know where they can easily find you, or any of your branch locations.

By adding additional locations you increase customer relationships to positively increase your bottom line. Having multiple listings sharing additional locations on all of them allows you to cross promote your additional locations and give you a competitive edge.

Monthly Updates

Updating your information on a monthly basis means your content stays fresh and your customers keep their interest in your company increasing your business opportunities and profit.

You can announce special offers on your detailed landing page or highlight employees of the month or other initiatives you are promoting. You can highlight launching new products, delivering new videos to unlock, wonderful opportunities to exploit easily, or changing department phone numbers for easier communication. It’s all right here.

Initial Start Up Revisions

Moving quickly when you decide to improve your online presence is critical. When you discover the value of enhancing your online position in the marketplace you want to get it done quickly.

EarthYP is ready to get you started fast. Just add your business information and we will work closely with you to get it right and start moving you and your business forward today.

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