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Already, the Small Business Administration has approved close to 1 million loans worth nearly $225 billion, according to a senior SBA official. If the current trend in demand for loans continues -- one week ago, about $50 billion in loans had been processed; that jumped to $160 billion by Friday -- the program could be close to running out of money by Friday.

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If you are the kind of person that would rather spend 20-30 minutes getting a more in depth understanding, here are some additional resources:

Follow these 5 simple steps
1)  Open the "Open this First" resource and print the Online Application Manual
2)  Watch the Online Application Shortcut Video
3)  Fill out the information so it is complete
4)  Sign on to the SBA Website to complete the application
5)  Use this link to apply:

Online Application Shortcut Video

The EDGE Process will walk you through the forms and submissions

Edge Process

EDGE Process

Explore the site at the various resources and training materials that are available.

Watch the overview video first to discover the most efficient way for you to apply for your $10,000 grant to save yourself time and stress.

Gather up the information that you will need to put yourself in the best position to answer the questions quickly and make the process easy.

Go right to the website of the SBA. By following the link on this page it with the complete information that you have already put together you will speed through the process with confidence to get your confirmation number and start SBA on the confirmation process so they can get you your $10,000 grant.


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