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Problem:  "In 1965, 80 percent of 18- to 49-year-olds in the U.S. could be reached with three 60-second TV spots. In 2013, it required 210 prime-time commercials to produce the same result, by 2017 it will take 300 advertisements and billions of dollars will be wasted" Jim Stengel, P&G Global Marketing Officer, 2014

Solution:  EarthYellowpages.com (EarthYP) was created to provide a synergistic solution combining multiple elements into an integrated platform. 2500 business directories broken down into 12,000 target market groups, and over 50,000 specialized geographic targeted information centers, providing a platform where all marketing and business activities are based on performance, that is easy and convenient.

Opportunity: Digital ad spending worldwide hit $160.5 Billion in 2016.  Ecommerce sales topped $1.6 Trillion in 2015 and continue to grow at 18% per year. The fourteen million active US businesses in our data record set need help and they know it, as do the millions of businesses in first world and emerging economies represented in our 425 international directory platform. All business owners have pain points in creating effective marketing solutions and will pay to learn how to fix or avoid the pain. The company that provides and guarantees business owners a Return On Investment based on performance can redefine business.

Business Strategy: EarthYP is profitable with over 15 years of operational history, selecting a seasoned executive management team ready to execute the strategies and tactics in the business plan. We are building a strong Board of Directors to guide and hold the management team accountable. We have synergistic and strategic relationships with major Internet Traffic, Development, Outsourcing, Crypto Currency and Funding Companies.

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